Senior Room Room

Our children and parents worked really hard at home during the initial lockdown.
Here are some examples of their work.



Evie’s work:

Evie and Alice have been busy at work investigating their garden and building incredible obstacle courses and afternoon tea sets !

Oran’s work:

Ethan’s work:

Ethan has been busy investigating his local area and doing lots of writing.

Richard’s work:

Richard has been busy preparing homemade pizza dough and garlic pesto.


Penny and George’s work:

Jame’s work:

Sebastian and Patrick’sĀ  work:

Sarah’s work:

Sarah has been busy producing her nature diary. Well done Sarah, excellent work!

Emma’s work:

Well done Emma, excellent work tessellating shapes.

Holly’s work:

Holly has been very busy working on lots of different projects.

— admin