Our Narratives – The Tall Tower – written by junior- 2nd class

There was once a famous explorer. She liked to go on lots of adventures. Scary, exciting adventures!She had even once climbed Mount Everest. On her last adventure she had found a map. It was a mysterious map with a puzzle inside. It said”If you solve this mission you will find the treasure.”

She packed everything she needed and set off. The map told her to go to the tall tower in the deep dark forest. On her way there she met a strange creature holding a crumpled note that said “From Dad.”It told her the way to the tall tower.

When she reached the tower she looked for the key. She found it in some dirt. She looked up and saw a great,big, grey building standing before her. Above the door hung a skeleton, with a “keep out” sign in its hand. She was really, really scared … and a little bit excited! The door to the tower was surprisingly high so she unraveled her rope ladder and shot the grappling hook up to the ledge. She climbed up the rope ladder and into the tower.

She tiptoed into the tower and she saw a gigantic, brown door. She found a secret button and when she pressed it the door opened with a creak. She entered the room, but…the door locked behind her. She scoured the room for another button, ┬ábut there was none!

She went further into the room to see if she could find anything to open the door. She didn’t find anything useful… but she did find the treasure. Her mum and dad!! … TO BE CONTINUED…

— Jackie Cooper

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