Senior Room Room

Picking Apples
On the 1st of October, the whole school went apple picking at the Cosby orchard. We went down at about 11 O’Clock and arrived there at about 10 past. When we got there, Mr Cosby gave us a bucket per two people. It was like a race to collect as many apples as possible, in between breaks eating them! All of the boys teamed together and most of the girls did too. At the end, the girls got 191 buckets of apples and the boys got 227 buckets. All these apples will then go to a factory, be pressed and bottled into apple juice! We (the pupils) then get to design a label for the bottles of juice and then sell them as a fundraiser for the school!
By Keelin 🙂

Flag Presentation
On Thursday, 1st of October, Sergeant Doyle came to give us our Irish flag

The Race
By Rory Lawlor

Everyone is training hard,
Getting ready for the race,
Dirty tactics in our minds,
Dreaming about a win

3, 2, 1 GO!
It starts,
Speeding into 7th,
Sprinting into 4th,
Jumping into 1st,

The finish line’s in sight
YES, YES, YES! I won!
What? I came second? Sports Day
By Thomas Bradley

Sports Day is all about winning
Preparing for the race, no prepare for the
O’l Celebration
Real life Sports Day is about winning.
Too much
Sugar is bad but Chocolate is good!

D’oh I tripped
Ahh no I tripped again
Yes I’m 1st…….. no I tripped and I’m last

— admin